2 fans

2016-05-18 17:21:42 by Im-a-good-drawer

wow im impressed ive even got this far, thank you all of my fans be sure to follow me on twitch for further updates! 


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2016-05-18 17:22:35

2 THOUSAND right around the corner. Amirite?


2016-05-18 17:25:24

Wait a fucking second. Why does your Twitch link go to some booby streamer!?

Im-a-good-drawer responds:

thats a bit rude seeing as that is pepperika.... jeez dude
also what do you even do on this site i dont understand plz explain


2016-05-18 17:39:00

Oh. I didnt know Pepperika was actually not Irish, but actually an american booby streamer. And this site? Ya just do stuff c:

Im-a-good-drawer responds:

yeah.. i suppose that sounds about right, but i've never used an art dedicated site before like DA so im not too sure.

So far ive just stuck comments on random things and nothing else ;_;


2016-05-18 17:57:25

WELL! Welcome to the BEST site for creations. DA community is like, a massive city of art, and a whole lot of it is cancerous mutant sonic OCs and other things of the sort. NG is a much nicer community. You'll see the same good people around in a tighter, much higher quality environment.


2016-05-22 16:20:36

Wow Jozzy, I'd appreciate if you didn't objectify me as a booby streamer


2016-05-22 16:39:15

Tim if you aren't that interested in art, the general forums on newgrouds are usually pretty funny. I'd recommend checking those out. Other than that there's loads of games and animations on the site.
And congratulations on reaching 3 fans.


2016-05-24 08:03:46

Aaand a 50% increase since you posted this. :P Congrats!