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Posted by Im-a-good-drawer - August 29th, 2016

Good new everyone, pepperika has finally returned to art after her hiatus and I am pleased to say that this has inspired me too officaly begin my journey to becoming an artist around her level. She already has many years of experience so I have a lot of catching up to do. She has also been very helpful with her return in helping me pursue this path that I have wanted to attempt to follow for a while now.

I will be posting all of my art that I do on here, please don't judge me too hard as this will be me starting from day 1 essentialy of art ever as I have never been an artist or good at drawing in general. I have a graphics tablet ready and waiting to be used for this reason and its time has finally come. 

Thank you all for the support from my previous drawings and I hope that I can amaze you with the art and I hope that you can all enjoy and help me along with my path to becoming a succesful artist.

Thanks, Tim.

Posted by Im-a-good-drawer - July 30th, 2016

Hey guys, all 4 of you, you're probably wondering why I am not submitting anything lately and this is because my inspiration to even start this account has quit posting. Pepperika, my inspiration to drawing, has decided that she will no longer continue her drawing. Effectively putting behind one of her best talents which falls under many other of her talents. 

She quit because of an accident with one of her files which made her depression spiral so out of control that she decided to quit, which has make me quite afraid of using any adobe product ever as this is where she lost it from.

Since she has quit my drawing has fallen flat of what it use to be, so I, alike her have decided to stop drawing entirely. Once she begins again (which she should because it is obvious to anyone that looks at ther account that she has a talent for it) then I will once again, with my tablet pen, make many more masterpieces similar to the ones that I have posted before and are beloved by this community.\

I may still browse on here from time to time but expect to see a lot less of me in the community.

Untill then, I will see you later. 

Posted by Im-a-good-drawer - May 18th, 2016

wow im impressed ive even got this far, thank you all of my fans be sure to follow me on twitch for further updates! 

Posted by Im-a-good-drawer - May 18th, 2016

my opinion matters, maybe...